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      1. Meian Only boutique!
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        About us

          Jinhua grid Matson Power Machinery Factory is a commitment to quality manufacturing and garden equipment specializing in the production, quality manufacturing and professional...

        Technology Innovation

        Grid Matson sought product is simple, practical and in the selection and construction of parts is also growing science and technology, a machine, a multi-grid Matson become a new trend products...

        Product Testing

          The company has specialized product testing center, a variety of physical and chemical properties of the product testing machine, salt spray test machine, projector, packaging testing equipment, electrical test equipment...

        Storage Center

          In the company's production base has specialized warehousing and logistics center, cargo loading and unloading platform to ensure that the goods into and out of the normative management...

          Market Distribution:

            Mainly distributed in Europe, America, Australia, Japan and other countries and regions.


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